by Lizard Professor

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Ben Dudai
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Ben Dudai Wow i just discovered these guys on my bandcamp feed and what a sick discovery it is. These guys are insane. Tight, interesting, technical, progressive, intense and damn cool. More people need to know about this band...Awesome album. Favorite track: Celestial Downpour.
DeathsLoco's Synfonic Meadow
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DeathsLoco's Synfonic Meadow Something unique could happen every time a band creates something while daring to think outside of the box... [8.9/10] Favorite track: Philosoraptor.
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released September 9, 2016

All music & lyrics written & performed by Lizard Professor
Mixed & mastered by Parker Bracken



all rights reserved


Lizard Professor Dallas, Texas

Lizard Professor formed in 2008 in the heart of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX with the intentions of releasing an epic progressive metal record, this year those intentions will be exacted to the fullest! With a refreshing new line-up and a solid concept of monstrous proportions, we are prepared to unleash our abilities into the universe! "ECCENTRICITY" is nigh!... ... more

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Track Name: Celestial Downpour
The obstacles we break
Are fortified by your singularity
And soon will be fallen, as you are.

“You were never supposed to know your truest potential.”
I say that’s a lie & I don’t believe.
Getting a dirty feeling.
“Let me wash you clean my Son. Thou hath not sin at all.
The Nature’s in, it’s time to fold. Now phantomize.”
Did you really think that you were the end?
Now that I’m in command?...

Father, I’ve created something…
Isn’t it glorious?
Mother, I’ve made a new thing…
Isn’t it wonderful?

Never have I asked for praise. All I wish to do is sing
As though if not this human form, this shell I’m dying in.
Do not have concern for my peace. Know that I am fulfilled
To tempest this audible reign against your culling Real.
(Our solemn promise… Nailed to it.)

As we’ve all said,
We are what we are?
If you are now what you were then,
Don’t be ashamed of your true self again..

What you need is life.
What you need is here and now.
What you need is a part of me; it is my release, my soul enrichment, my brain vacation.
This point to be, despised, as though looked upon by weary eyes? Oh, Modern Hearts…

We are what we are…

This promise that we’ve made,
Not fabricated of superfluous woe.
My friend, dare I say, Reach The End.

We have come too far to be halted altogether. We shall never cease to breathe this spiritual stormy weather.

I wouldn’t wait for you, even if I could turn the wheel…
Let’s call it part of the plan…

And though I walked beside you, support of my kin flesh,
You cast aside all my efforts to blossom fruition.
In spite of pride, every waking hour I tried.
I’m getting too old for this game anyway!

Hey wait, I’m too old to play this game
(You are what you are.)
What do want from me? What do you expect of me?
I’m not about to wait on you.
Hey wait, is it still too late to play?
(We are what we are.)
What do want from me? What do you expect of me?
You’ll never amount to what I have…

A sinuous flow that burns like fire,
Emitting from my soul empowered.
A drip from my mind’s eye; this Celestial Downpour.
Track Name: Offthewallogy
The colors... Oh, the horror.
All expensive green and bloody red,
The blacks and blues have sunken in.
And you... yes you display them all,
But not in a creative way,
An uncanny display of your infatuation with yourself.
Now take this quite literally...
The chalk is erasing the board.
Who the fuck has been drawing the lines? Not I...

Presenting the darker side of things has become so terribly easy.
Of all that you appreciate you’ve adopted nothing.

Congratulations… you’ve fixed me.
I’m perfect, a living work of art…
An awkward little picture for your entertainment wall.

Brick by brick I’ll build my empire.
Brick by brick I’ll wear the old walls...
Brick by brick I’ll build my empire.
Brick by brick I’ll tear the old walls down.

What’s the point of expression when the medium erases its point of
More than flesh and more than scales, a creature of another kind.
Our point of existence…

More than flesh and more than scales, a creature of another kind.
More than chords and more than scales, a creature of another kind.

Please, the evil things are easy. Of all that you “appreciate”…
Now, the evil part is easy. How about adopting some class for a change?

What’s the point of expression when the artist abuses its point of existence?
Track Name: Eccentricity
You ask of me, creativity.
You fail to see the beauty of this design.
Human... if you could claim such a creature as so.
To be human, to be humane... emotion is a key anomaly for us all.
For those of you who are clouded by fate,
Let me speak in a way that you might understand...
From the perfect air you breathe, to the pills you think you need, All your life you take for granted.
Dreams commence to inspire the need to preserve true humanity. To dream of any less for thee, you must be insane.
And surely, you know of my prowess So, tell me,
Is light of my spectrum not changing, Into unending intensity?
What you claim you face alone, unspeakable. Forgive my denial. It is to be expected. To cherish yourself above all,
You must be insane.
I wonder... are you?
“Know that I live my life, no regrets.”

To reject myself of the “normal”, I must be insane.
Insanity... you don't know the meaning of the word. Creativity... creativity is an understatement. You've no idea what I'm capable of.
Before my closing lines collide, My will infectious, flows in stride. The influence of my demands. Extraordinary is my command.
Relate to our world. It will be the end. Relate to our minds, the only way you can. You try, as did I to breathe the air of acceptance. My essence. My mind. Who I am... who am I?
To speak my name, you must remove your tongue. To see my eyes, you must be blinded.
To touch my hand, you must lose all feeling. But to hear my voice, all you must do is listen.
Have you forgotten your place, Below my everything?
Oh, how I pity for your pathetic souls. Limited by the aggravation of flesh and bone.
Visions so feeble;
This is my decision to let it go.
No one is safe.
No one shall be spared. No one is safe... From my eccentricity.
Now you know the pace, don’t you lose it. Discover the beauty of this design.
No one is safe.
Track Name: Diving Upwards
Come now, feel me breathe. A paradox, she’s Away with the world, blown away with the rest of them. Saturate me please, drenched in crystalline Clarity, a lonely word ever left unheard. Imitating you, plunging into
The blank depth of space.
Never known to return.
Come now, hold me close...
Mend this wayward mind of mine.
We offer too many thrones.
We spoil the kings of new and old.
And they approach me with glistening pride. The fools they are...
The stars will undertake my soul.
Invisible winds, collect in rapture.
The essence of the nebular plane eclipses my tone, As I drift through existence.
Unlike you...
I can remember where I came from. Yet like you...
I am dreaming deliverance.

The stars will undertake my soul. Invisible winds, the currents gentle pull.
The essence of the aural abyss eclipses my tone, As I slip from existence.
When life is long, We turn to anyone. An empty space, To blot out the sun.
When life is long, We turn to anyone. No matter how far, No matter how wrong.
Oh my child, my muse, my universe. Hold on, it won't be long till I am gone.
The essence of the aural array Eclipses my soul as I slip from existence.
The fall did commence, And my wintry season began. The dark becomes colder, As shamefully smoldering Hiatus replaces the sand.
Let me go...
Know that this time,
I swim alone in starry weather...
Track Name: Simply Complex
Blame… We cast away, oh so conveniently.
Yet everyone tries convincing me of what they choose to see.
To each his own? If there’s something I have learned from you,
It’s money equals happiness, and deceit balances truth.

But I couldn’t tell you a lie about how many hours I’ve prayed.

I don’t appreciate this limitation that keeps holding me.
Bound to keep the faith of myself and I.
(I no longer fear.)
I don’t fear what I have.
(Your reality.)
I don’t fear what you have.
(Isn’t real enough for me.)

“This village must be fortified.”
“Protect all that we keep inside.”

Proud to keep the faith of myself and I.

Even the most lost can learn to love.

“Must keep this village fortified. Purified.”
“Protect all that we keep inside.”

You get carried away.
Walls are what you build.
If you can breathe, let it go.
For all you walking contradictions…

We’re here for you.
I’m here for you.

There’s no other way but the things you lead to tell me.
“Live in fear and learn to love it.”
(Live to learn and love.)
Don’t you have your own yard…?
(To defecate in?)

“Must keep this village fortified.”
“Protect all that we keep inside.”

It shouldn’t take you long to realize
You were never an influence.
Just another talking speck on my shoulder.
Enjoy your self-installed limelight.
Your paradigm is coming to an end.

Somehow still breathing oxymorons…

We’re here for you.
I’m here for you.

Intrusively they wander inside my head.
Creeping up the columns where enrichment of my vision swells.
Even though awake, one doth only wish for sleep.
So that they may dream that they are no longer real.

O, mighty lies of thine.
I will never become into your sight.
You get carried away, getting more complex everyday.

Your lips can move. Your mouth’s not the problem.
You are!
If that problem pursues the mind behind your eyes…
What do you want?
Pluck ‘em out!?

We’re here for you.
I’m here for you.

Lies roll off your tongue, but you’re deceiving only one.
The Master of Confusion you’ve become.

Haven't you played this game before?
I know you, but, other people's problems, they are few on your mind.

Re-thinking so suddenly… again.

Now here’s a thought, why are you playing the game?
Constantly convenient, extinguish the light of the youth.

Reach with me now and follow along with the sound.

Now, my brothers and my sisters, you can never be judged.
You cannot be condemned by the unknowing truth that’s inside your heart,
The unquenchable light that enters your eyes.
Are you getting a feel of the wheel?
The cycle of hate you live in.
Yes you hear me, but can you feel me?
Not that it isn’t obvious, but
We are so different.
Track Name: Ultima (Nigh)
We have only yet begun.
This time we’ve spent has chiseled at the circumstance of
This pain I no longer feel. I’ve got to feel the freedom of the real,
Gotta get out of this place!... Never will…

“Focus on it. You can’t have it!”

Please make sense to me.
Decided this right, I am The Author inside.
I have the authorization, get out of my head.

Our entire lives are lived inside
Don’t hold it in to be afraid to die.
Pour from the seams your cosmic stream.
Don’t hold it in, you’ve gotta learn to fly.

Re-thinking suddenly, still… it’s gone.

Soon we’ll fly away,
Looking on in retrospect.
Swimming in true euphony.

…It’s scary, but it’s worth the ride.
I was never full of shit, my friend.

Lollygaggers stand aside…
Clear my line.
The ultima is nigh.

“You cannot help what you are. Don’t you think?”
I don’t know.
But, everyone knows your name.

What now shall we do here with the sound?
This composure that we have grown? Oh, I don’t know…

Is it so hard to believe? Are we merely digressing your leave?
“Being talented only gets you so far.”
Yet that’s why we’re here?
It’s so expensive to feel free, is this depressing you or me?
We must have hit a bump back there, but who knows where?
I don’t care.

Growing closer…
We owe that much to each other.
Figuring out our way.
Finding a place to stay, letting the children play.

“You’ll never get out!”

This movement is a difficult one at best.
But journey is worthy of the sake of my hide.
We would sooner dislocate this axis and leave The Decaying Realm behind.

It’s growing. Just watch me.

Little friend wants to feel, wants to know…
Where the hell did all of you go?

This is the time, if my flame is to shine.
(Not about to let you put it out.)
The disturbing breeze of a long-allowed disease.
(Dissipates within the estate of my light.)

It’s astronomical, your witness to persistence
Now, Come glimpse a taste of all that I am.
Catch me if you can!

Soon to pierce the winds abide,
I’m longing for the moment coming closely, shedding
So my misery won’t show. I’m not about to wait,
Or slowly wade into the pit of desire.

I’ll exercise my devils in my own way,
Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t care about the present.
I’m just clearly careful about forgetting.

Take a good look inside.
If what you see is what you are…
You’re wicked, don’t you touch me.
Take a good look inside.
If what you see is what you are…
You’re blackened. Just like the rest of them.

The wall is my friend. The wall is my enemy. The wall is I.

Clearly we’ve gotten nowhere.

Excuse me, exclude me as I drain the thought of it all.

‘Till the end of this world.
‘Till my time has elapsed.
‘Till the greater has formed.
Until that time, bear in mind; you shall strain beneath the weight of what I
Track Name: Equations of Dismay
Unrelenting streams of collapsing systems…

This planetary anatomy
Erupts from a rupture,
Screaming out guilty names.
The basis and structure of all they had nurtured
Lapses and folds in the face of a flood.

The light and the darkness
Burn brightly to blackness.
An insatiable, insidious maw.
Tormenting the masses
To close on their axis,
Drained to banality’s awe.

Merely connecting the lines proved wrong,
Unable to re-rectify.
Choked up in the throat of the void.

The perpendiculars parallel, and fracture.
Hiccup in the schematic, a seizure.
It fell so perfectly.

Equations are the truth
Revealing the simplistic, collective mental nature.
Obeying what was said in systematic failure.
Track Name: Consequence of Thought
Now, the realm is for the taking.
Now purified.
A cataclysmic chain
Leading to another inevitable reformation.

The fathomable never reaches its last.
Yet here we are indwelling in our past.

The light of knowledge, it blinds
Those who glimpse yet do not seek.

Open your mind.
You cannot conceive in a space so confined.
Wait for your god...
Believe as you please, but don’t lose sight on the sound.

This spatial disaster, twisting, contorting,
Indulge yourself to feel the superior architecture of its power.

Through these eyes, you must realize that the consequence is temptation of desire.

So symbiotic for a dead world, protect the knowledge like a good friend would.
Withholding, trusted… but no. There was an upset; there was a big bang.

Mark these simple words:
That this temporary self-fixation won’t last tomorrow.
What is it like to die?
Is there anything more to this life?
How much is to be left unknown?
Is there a god? Or are we alone?
Is love just an instincts need?
Are we even strong enough to survive?
Will there be an end to the rivers we bleed?
When does the truth become a lie?

My flames awake, illustrious though without form.
Reversal construction I adorn.

Now the bounds of your mercy
Have been found by the common and weak.
Deliberately drowning. Should I breathe, or continue to
Speak for once, it just might be passionate.
It wont hurt so bad to comprehend what lies ahead.

Your right changes nothing if you cant complete the simplistic equation.

Never again will I let you in, to color my mind with your poisons.
No longer will I ponder your pitiful somatic erasure.
Track Name: Philosoraptor
Smoothing little stones, sinking down below.
I’ll choose not to fathom against the flow.
Where will this stream take us? I cannot pretend to know.
But what I do know, is how I will know when I get there…

Amazing, its already twilight…
Bed-ridden since noontime, I’ve been here far too long.
I’ve done nothing at all, with an animal instinct of obscurity and laziness.

I’ve done nothing at all… yet a vision is unfolding right before my eyes.
The options I have come to despise…
Limitless potential and sky.

Golden fibers, currents of aura become the path I travel.
Before man, the gods and the devils had not breathed their life.
Forward is forward. I would much rather be the current that pulls.

You take pride in never glowing.
You’re unmoving, unknowing, unaware of your surroundings.

Mystery outside the shapes you struggle with…
Far from me to blame you for your ignorance.
As being, destined to dream like water. Flow as no other
Being, destined to dream like water. Flow as no other.

Now, through the gobbling horde I am proudly going my way.

“All-forgetting, how pathetic. Throw away
Procrastinating, masturbatory,
Lost in thought again.
Focus! Locate! Concentrate!”
I cant with a hole in my head.

If we come in shades and tones;
Then in the greater scheme within,
We are but flies against the wind,
But ‘yond this barrier we’re in…
When this dome breaks, then I will grin.

Setting example for the lonely people.
You’re going my way if you’re leaving yesterday.
A graver sea of sin remains below my bow, and then
Just call upon your inner wind and touch the Earthling god within.

(With open hearts and open minds)
We ascend in ideology, not all that is despised.
Do not reject what’s not baptized.
In life we’re all to blame, and when we die we’re all the same.

So just breathe.

We are born/placed/created/evolved…
Grown on this rock for a reason:
To live life in all of its richness and wonder,
To reach beyond in hopes that someday we will join our ethereal heritage…
Whatever that may be…
And all of its unending glory.

Capable of sounds yet heard and sights unseen.
Imbue nature and all that surrounds me.
Always seeking, but paradise is at our whim.

Peace and war all in one.

Become human…